Showcases: https://elgg.org/showcase

For developers

  • Permissive license
  • Theme framework
  • Internationalization
  • Templating engine
  • Widgets framework
  • Plugin APIs
  • Social graph
  • Web services API
  • jQuery-based JS framework
  • Session management
  • Custom URL routing

For admins

  • User profiles and avatars
  • Fine-grained access control lists
  • Friends and friends lists (ala G+ circles)
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • RSS support
  • Activity stream
  • Plugins for common content types like blogs, bookmarks, files, microblogging, private messages, documents, message boards, discussion
  • User authentication and administration

If you need more functionality than what Elgg offers out-of-the-box there are a couple of options:

  • Add more by installing plugins - for example, blogs, forums, social bookmarks
  • Develop your own features via plugins
  • Hire someone to do the above for you