Installing Elgg on EasyPHP

You should first be familiar with the standard installation instructions.

  • Assuming no MySQL, PHP or Apache installations exist already.
  • Best run as a development/test server
  1. Stop IIS running if installed

  2. Download and install the latest Easy PHP from

  3. Set up the database and point the web server to your Elgg folder (all done from the EasyPHP tray icon) - Right click EasyPHP tray icon, select „Administration“ - A new tab is created in your browser for managing Easy PHP - Add your Elgg folder to Apache in „Alias“ section - Click „Manage MySQL with PhpMyAdmin“, create a database and account for Elgg

  4. (Ignore this step for v5.3 or later) From the tray icon go Configuration/Apache and uncomment this line:

    #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
  5. (Ignore this step for v5.3 or later) Change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All in the relevant directory entry in Configuration/Apache

  6. (Ignore this step for v5.3 or later) From the tray icon fo Configuration/PHP and uncomment this line:

  7. A reboot is best Elgg should run via