From 4.0 to 4.1

Entity Capabilities

A new way of registering entity capabilities has been introduced. The following related functions have been deprecated:

  • elgg_register_entity_type() use elgg_entity_enable_capability($type, $subtype, 'searchable')

  • elgg_unregister_entity_type() use elgg_entity_disable_capability($type, $subtype, 'searchable')

  • get_registered_entity_types() use elgg_entity_types_with_capability('searchable')

  • is_registered_entity_type() use elgg_entity_has_capability($type, $subtype, 'searchable')

The config variable registered_entities is no longer available.

The current implemented capabilities are ‚commentable‘, ‚likable‘ and ‚searchable‘.

Threaded Comments

Support for threaded comments has been added. This feature needs to be enable in the site settings. To make this work changes have been made to comments related JavaScript and CSS. If you use specific styling or have custom features related to this feature you might need to give it some extra attention.

Deprecated APIs

Lib functions

  • elgg_get_version() use elgg_get_release()

  • get_user_by_code() use elgg_get_user_by_persistent_token() where you only need to provide the token, not the hashed token

Plugin hooks

  • 'likes:is_likable', '<type>:<subtype>' use $entity->hasCapability('likable')