Group Tools

Elgg groups allow group administrators to enable/disable various tools available within a group. These tools are provided by other plugins like blog or file.

Plugins can access group tool register via elgg()->group_tools.

elgg()->group_tools->register('my-tool', [
        'default_on' => false, // default is true
        'label' => elgg_echo('my-tool:checkbox:label'),
        'priority' => 300, // display this earlier than other modules/tools

A registered tool will have an option to be toggled on the group edit form, and can have a profile view module associated with it. To add a profile module, simply add a corresponding view as groups/profile/module/<tool_name>.

// file: groups/profile/module/my-tool.php

echo elgg_view('groups/profile/module', [
        'title' => elgg_echo('my-tool'),
        'content' => 'Hello, world!',

You can programmically enable and disable tools for a given group:

$group = get_entity($group_guid);

// enables the file tool for the group

// disables the file tool for the group

If you want to allow a certain feature in a group only if the group tool option is enabled, you can check this using \ElggGroup::isToolEnabled($tool_option).

It is also a possibility to use a gatekeeper function to prevent access to a group page based on an enabled tool.

elgg_group_tool_gatekeeper('file', $group);

See also

Read more about gatekeepers here: Gatekeepers

If you need the configured group tool options for a specific group you can use the elgg()->group_tools->group($group) function.