For the technically savvy user, system diagnostics enables you to quickly evaluate the server environment, Elgg code, and plugins of an Elgg install. Diagnostics is a core system plugin that comes turned on by default with Elgg. To download the diagnostics file, follow the steps below. The file is a dump of all sorts of useful information.

To use:

  • Log in as Administrator
  • Go to Administration -> Administer -> Utilities ->System Diagnostics
  • Click ‘Download’

System diagnostics dump file contents:

  • List of all Elgg files along with a hash for each file
  • List of all the plugins
  • PHP superglobals
  • PHP settings
  • Apache settings
  • Elgg CONFIG values
    • language strings
    • site settings
    • database settings
    • plugin hooks
    • actions
    • views
    • page handlers
    • much more