Support policy

As of Elgg 2.0, each minor release receives bug and security fixes only until the next minor release.

Long Term Support Releases

Within each major version, the last minor release is designated for long term support (“LTS”) and will receive bug fixes until 1 year after the release of the next major version and security fixes until the 2nd following major version release.

E.g. 2.3 is the last minor release within 2.x. It will receive bug fixes until 1 year aftr 3.0 is released and security fixes until 4.0 is released.


When bugs are found, a good faith effort will be made to patch the LTS release, but not all fixes will be back-ported. E.g. some fixes may depend on new APIs, break backwards compatibility, or require significant refactoring.


If a fix risks stability of the LTS branch, it will not be included.

Security issues

When a security issue is found every effort will be made to patch the LTS release.


Please report any security issue to security @ elgg . org


Below is a table outlining the specifics for each release (future dates are tentative):

Version First stable release Bug fixes through Security fixes through
1.12 July 2015 April 2019 April 2019
2.0 December 2015 March 2016  
2.1 March 2016 June 2016  
2.2 June 2016 November 2016  
2.3 November 2016 April 2020 September 2021
3.0 April 2019 July 2019  
3.1 July 2019 October 2019  
3.2 October 2019 January 2020  
3.3 LTS January 2020 September 2022 Until 5.0
4.0 September 2021 January 2022  
4.1 January 2022 April 2022  
4.2 April 2022 July 2022  
4.3 July 2022    
5.0 TBD