Permissions Check


As stated in the page, this method works only for granting write access to entities. You cannot use this method to retrieve or view entities for which the user does not have read access.

Elgg provides a mechanism of overriding write permissions check through the permissions_check event . This is useful for allowing plugin write to all accessible entities regardless of access settings. Entities that are hidden, however, will still be unavailable to the plugin.

Extending permissions_check

In your plugin, you must register the event for permissions_check.

elgg_register_event_handler('permissions_check', 'all', 'myplugin_permissions_check');

The override function

Now create the function that will be called by the permissions check event. In this function we determine if the entity (in parameters) has write access. Since it is important to keep Elgg secure, write access should be given only after checking a variety of situations including page context, logged in user, etc. Note that this function can return 3 values: true if the entity has write access, false if the entity does not, and null if this plugin doesn’t care and the security system should consult other plugins.

function myplugin_permissions_check(\Elgg\Event $event) {
   $has_access = determine_access_somehow();

   if ($has_access === true) {
      return true;
   } else if ($has_access === false) {
      return false;

   return null;

Full Example

This is a full example using the context to determine if the entity has write access.


function myaccess_init() {
   // override permissions for the myaccess context
   elgg_register_event_handler('permissions_check', 'all', 'myaccess_permissions_check');

   // Register cron event
   elgg_register_event_handler('cron', elgg_get_plugin_setting('period', 'myaccess', 'fiveminute'), 'myaccess_cron');

 * Event for cron event.
function myaccess_cron(\Elgg\Event $event) {


   // returns all entities regardless of access permissions.
   // will NOT return hidden entities.
   $entities = get_entities();


 * Overrides default permissions for the myaccess context
function myaccess_permissions_check(\Elgg\Event $event) {
   if (elgg_in_context('myaccess_cron')) {
      return true;

   return null;

// Initialise plugin
register_elgg_event_handler('init', 'system', 'myaccess_init');