Becoming a Financial Supporter

All funds raised via the Elgg supporters network go directly into:
  • Elgg core development

  • Infrastructure provision (, github, etc.)

It is a great way to help with Elgg development!


For only $50 per year for individuals or $150 per year for organizations, you can get listed as a supporter on our supporters page. Elgg supporters are listed there unless they request not to be.

Supporters are able to put this official logo on their site if they wish:

Proud supporter of Elgg


We operate a no refund policy on supporter subscriptions. If you would like to withdraw your support, go to PayPal and cancel your subscription. You will not be billed the following year.

Being an Elgg Supporter does not give an individual or organization the right to impersonate, trade as or imply they are connected to the Elgg project. They can, however, mention that they support the Elgg project.

If you have any questions about this disclaimer, email

We reserve the right to remove or refuse a listing without any prior warning at our complete discretion. There is no refund policy.

If there is no obvious use of Elgg, your site will be linked to with “nofollow” set.

Sign up

If you would like to become an Elgg supporter:

  • read the disclaimer above

  • on the supporters page, subscribe via PayPal

  • send an email to with:

    • the date you subscribed

    • your name (and organization name, if applicable)

    • your website

    • your Elgg community profile

Once all the details have been received, we will add you to the appropriate list. Thanks for your support!