From 2.0 to 2.1

Deprecated APIs

  • ElggFile::setFilestore

  • get_default_filestore

  • set_default_filestore

  • elgg_get_config('siteemail'): Use elgg_get_site_entity()->email

  • URLs starting with /css/ and /js/: Use elgg_get_simplecache_url()

  • elgg.ui.widgets JavaScript object is deprecated by elgg/widgets AMD module

Application::getDb() changes

If you’re using this low-level API, do not expect it to return an Elgg\Database instance in 3.0. It now returns an Elgg\Application\Database with many deprecated. These methods were never meant to be made public API, but we will do our best to support them in 2.x.

Added elgg/widgets module

If your plugin code calls elgg.ui.widgets.init(), instead use the elgg/widgets module.