From 2.1 to 2.2

Deprecated APIs

  • elgg.ui.river JavaScript library: Remove calls to elgg_load_js('elgg.ui.river') from plugin code. Update core/river/filter and forms/comment/save, if overwritten, to require component AMD modules

  • elgg.ui.popupOpen() and elgg.ui.popupClose() methods in elgg.ui JS library: Use elgg/popup module instead.

  • lightbox.js library: Do not use elgg_load_js('lightbox.js'); unless your code references deprecated elgg.ui.lightbox namespace. Use elgg/lightbox AMD module instead.

  • elgg.embed library and elgg.embed object: Do not use elgg_load_js('elgg.embed'). Use elgg/embed AMD module instead

  • Accessing icons_sizes config value directly: Use elgg_get_icon_sizes()

  • can_write_to_container(): Use ElggEntity::canWriteToContainer()

Deprecated Views

  • elgg/ui.river.js is deprecated: Do not rely on simplecache URLs to work.

  • groups/js is deprecated: Use groups/navigation AMD module as a menu item dependency for “feature” and “unfeature” menu items instead.

  • lightbox/settings.js is deprecated: Use getOptions, ui.lightbox JS plugin hook or data-colorbox-opts attribute.

  • elgg/ckeditor/insert.js is deprecated: You no longer need to include it, hook registration takes place in elgg/ckeditor module

  • embed/embed.js is deprecated: Use elgg/embed AMD module.

Added elgg/popup module

New elgg/popup module can be used to build out more complex trigger-popup interactions, including binding custom anchor types and opening/closing popups programmatically.

Added elgg/lightbox module

New elgg/lightbox module can be used to open and close the lightbox programmatically.

Added elgg/embed module

Even though rarely necessary, elgg/embed AMD module can be used to access the embed methods programmatically. The module bootstraps itself when necessary and is unlikely to require further decoration.

New API for handling entity icons

  • ElggEntity now implements \Elgg\EntityIcon interface

  • elgg_get_icon_sizes() - return entity type/subtype specific icon sizes

  • ElggEntity::saveIconFromUploadedFile() - creates icons from an uploaded file

  • ElggEntity::saveIconFromLocalFile() - creates icons from a local file

  • ElggEntity::saveIconFromElggFile() - creates icons from an instance of ElggFile

  • ElggEntity::getIcon() - returns an instanceof ElggIcon that points to entity icon location on filestore (this may be just a placeholder, use ElggEntity::hasIcon() to validate if file has been written)

  • ElggEntity::deleteIcon() - deletes entity icons

  • ElggEntity::getIconLastChange() - return modified time of the icon file

  • ElggEntity::hasIcon() - checks if an icon with given size has been created

  • elgg_get_embed_url() - can be used to return an embed URL for an entity’s icon (served via /serve-icon handler)

User avatars are now served via serve-file handler. Plugins should start using elgg_get_inline_url() and note that:

  • /avatar/view page handler and resource view have been deprecated

  • /mod/profile/icondirect.php file has been deprecated

  • profile_set_icon_url() is no longer registered as a callback for "entity:icon:url","user" plugin hook

Group avatars are now served via serve-file handler. Plugins should start using elgg_get_inline_url() and note that:

  • groupicon page handler (groups_icon_handler()) has been deprecated

  • /mod/groups/icon.php file has been deprecated

File entity thumbs and downloads are now served via serve-file handler. Plugins should start using elgg_get_inline_url() and elgg_get_download_url() and note that:

  • file/download page handler and resource view have been deprecated

  • mod/file/thumbnail.php file has been deprecated

  • Several views have been updated to use new download URLs, including:

    • mod/file/views/default/file/specialcontent/audio/default.php

    • mod/file/views/default/file/specialcontent/image/default.php

    • mod/file/views/default/resources/file/view.php

    • mod/file/views/rss/file/enclosure.php

Removed APIs

Just a warning that the private entity cache functions (e.g. _elgg_retrieve_cached_entity) have been removed. Some plugins may have been using them. Plugins should not use private APIs as they will more often be removed without notice.

Improved elgg/ckeditor module

elgg/ckeditor module can now be used to add WYSIWYG to a textarea programmatically with elgg/ckeditor#bind.